Location: With an area of 1’285,215 square km (496,225 sq mi), Peru is the third largest country in South America and bordered to the north by Ecuador and Colombia, to the east by Brazil and Bolivia, to the south by Chile and to the west by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Capital city: Lima
Trading port: Callao
Trading airport: Lima - Jorge Chavez
Population: More than 25 million inhabitants. Peru is a nation of mixed ethnic origins. Throughout its history, Peru has been the meeting ground for different nations and cultures. The indigenous population was joined 500 years ago by the Spaniards. As a result of this encounter, and later enriched by the migration of Africans, Asians and Europeans, Peruvian man emerged as the representative of a nation whose rich ethnic mix is one of its leading characteristics.

Native language
: Spanish
Biodiversity: Perú has a rich cultural heritage and great biodiversity. Our cold sea, high Andes mountains and vast Amazon forest have created special ecological floors where unique plants and animals thrive, and where the Incas developed their culture with special knowledge in ethnobotanics.
Today Perú is not only a great tourism destination, is also an important source of quality natural ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


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