Maca harvesting season in Junin

2010.08.15 | Press release

Junin. Harvesting season of Maca has finished in the Peruvian Andes. At more than 4000 meters above sea level, the harvest of Maca begins in late June and it can go up to mid August, which are months with little rain, extremely cold nights, but very intense sun. Every year, this energetic plant is cultivated in a different area with new rich soil. That leaves time for the used soil to rest and regain the rich quantities of minerals and organic matter that is the base of the high quality Maca that is exclusively grown in the Peruvian Andes.
As no fertilizers and chemicals are used during all the farming steps, native communities are able to certify an ecological and organic product. This is healthy for end customers, safe for the farmer and also sustainable with the environment.

Harvest: Lots of people participate in this process. Some of them are paid, others come from neighbor communities to help, as they know that when harvesting time comes in their own lands, neighbors will also help them.

Cleaning from soil and debris: Water is very scarce here. After the soil and leaves are dried with the sun, they are shaken in a mesh box to eliminate all solids.

Selection in size: Small, medium or large. Also different colors are selected.

Sun drying: The most important step. Sun high in the Andes is extremely intense and not only helps to dry the Maca hypocotils, but also it is known that Macamides and Macaenes, due to complex biochemical processes, are likely to appear during this step.

Storage: Dried Maca is stored in closed rooms. Since temperature and humidity is very low at this altitude, dried Maca can be safely stored for long periods of time.

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